Why advertise on social media?

There are many advantages to advertising your vacancies on social media. Did you know that 4 in 5 employees can imagine changing jobs when the right job shows up? These are largely passive job seekers, i.e. they are not actively looking for a new job. You can more easily reach these people by advertising on social media, as most of us occasionally scroll through our Facebook or LinkedIn feed.

Unlike, for example newspaper advertisements, advertising on social media reaches the right recipients generating quality over quantity. A newspaper may have a lot of readers, but we never know exactly who sees the vacancy. With audience-targeted ads on social media, we know who gets the vacancy in their feed. The advertisement is also easily visible to your target group, both for passive and active job seekers.

At Varbi we have our own team working with social media advertising. We tailor an ad based on your needs and use world-class algorithms to target it to your target audience.

Our top tips when designing a social media ad are:

  1. A great photo or video

A photo is worth a thousand words and is the first thing the recipient sees in the ad. Feel free to use photos of your own company, perhaps someone who symbolizes the service or why not a photo of colleagues?

2. The text

Make sure you keep the text light. The social media ad is just a little flash to get people to click and read the entire ad. It should not be a summary of the entire vacancy, but light, short and enticing. Do not go into requirements and qualifications here, but rather tell us about the service, what you can contribute or increase, opportunities or what a great atmosphere it is in the workplace.

With very few clicks directly in the Varbi recruitment system, you can request a targeted ad for your current vacancy and have it published on the desired social media channels.