Why should every employer have a career page?

When you recruit new stars to your team or your workplace, you are most likely searching for the one that shines most brightly, the one you think is best suited for the vacancy.

But have you considered that candidates are probably doing the same thing? In addition to looking for the ultimate job, they are also seeking a workplace that can offer them what they are looking for. Not only do you select which employees become part of your workplace, they also choose you. How do you persuade your candidates to pick you over another employer?

Randstad’s annual survey in 2021 testifies that more than half of all candidates seek information about their potential employer and the main obstacle in the application process for the candidates is that they do not know what it is like to work within the organization. With a career page, in addition to a fancy listing of your vacancies, you get the chance to elevate yourself as an employer and can in a subtle way boast a little more about why it is great to work for your organization.

Together with you and alongside your graphic profile, we set up a page where you get the chance to tell about what it is like to work within your organization, what culture you have, what benefits you offer and showcase employees who talk about their experience working for you.