Three tips for optimal use of the recruitment tool by Michaela Lindblom, Head of customersuccess

Hi Michaela! Great that you want to share your favorite tips in Varbi. What are your three best features?

– I love saving time and being efficient, so my three tips will undoubtedly be the function for interview booking, digital reference checking via the recruitment system and the question module.


-Firstly, setting up questions can sometimes take some time when setting up the position, but it facilitates the selection enormously. Try scaling down which qualifications are must-have-requirements and should-have-requirements, and ask questions based on these so that you can then sort among the candidates. Sometimes you get many applications, and then you save a lot of time to quickly make the first most important selection. If a certain education is required to complete the job, there is no point in sitting and reading through applications where the education is lacking. It’s superb!

Regarding the interview booking and reference taking – I have previously worked a lot with recruitment myself and via the interview booking function you quickly get an overview of who you have invited and to which occasions, and the candidates get the opportunity to choose which time suits them. You save many minutes by not having to make calls and agree a time, especially if you have many candidates to interview.
Regarding the reference, it makes the recruitment more open-minded – the recruiter will not be influenced by whether the person leaving references sounds nice or not, and you can set up so that you need to verify with a unique ID (e.g. bank ID) if you wish. It’s very practical. It is not always easy to get hold of the references during working hours either, and many do not want to take such calls after work. With the help of digital reference checking, they can answer the questions in peace and quiet when it suits them.

So, my advice to you, take advantage of these features! If you are unsure of how, feel free to call me or my colleagues at Varbi support and we will be happy to guide you. Digital reference checking is an additional function where your Varbi contact person can provide more information.

Thank you for the tips, Michaela!