VBG Group

Varbi has actually been a system that both managers and us in HR value. It makes the recruitment process easier and we can in a simple and uniform way communicate with our candidates while at the same time enabling smoother communication internally during recruitment.

Uddevalla Municipality

We have used Varbi for several years and think that the system is very simple to use, support is really fast and the system is constantly developing in collaboration with us users. All our wishes and questions are received with commitment and solution focus.

Kristianstad University

Varbi is the most user friendly and best recruitment system I have worked with. It is so simple so no viewings or handbooks are needed.


With Varbi recruiting tool we have got a smooth digital process for recruiting, that saves time while providing a professional interface when communicating with candidates. Integration between Varbi and LinkedIn creates a good channel for reaching out to candidates in the target groups we are searching. With Varbi all our leaders have the possibility in


Varbi is user friendly and very easy to use. Our managers have a quick overview and that is what is needed. An intuitive and good system that facilitates the organisation and helps our managers send feedback to our candidates in a professional way. We receive help and support immediately if it is needed.


A reliable and user-friendly recruitment system that has contributed to an improved quality of our recruitment work. Satisfied applicant and satisfied managers. Fantastic customer support with high personal service and expertise, the desire to be at the forefront of digital development is high!