Business Policy

We at Varbi strive to develop meaningful relationships between employees, our customers, and our partners. The more professional we act and the better quality we deliver, the prouder we are. We believe in working together to challenge, develop, and improve our routines and the way we run our business to achieve success and growth. In this way we can continue to strive to be better all the time – not only as a supplier, but also as people.

Our commitment to delivering a modern and user-friendly recruitment system is a powerful motivator. The risk-based approach (which underlies ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001) is clearly visible in the organization. Information security work is rooted in GDPR and we base ourselves on three important aspects when handling information. These are; confidentiality, accuracy, and availability. It is important that only authorized persons have access to the information, and that the information is accurate and accessible.

By reviewing, analyzing, and checking environmental aspects of the company, and working towards environmental goals and to legal requirements, we can protect our environment and reduce our environmental impact. Our development of digital information and communication systems gives our customers a chance to handle information in both a secure and an environmentally friendly manner as Varbi handles documentation digitally for recruitment and admission.

Our business goals include providing world-class support to customers and candidates, developing the system together with our customers, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring that our employees have a good understanding of information security. We fulfill these through strategic work in a management system for increased control, compliance, and continuous improvement.

The Organisation is ISO certified