Short interview with Pamela Dahlin, HR Manager at Säffle municipality

We have many fantastic customers, big and small, who we would like to highlight. One of them is Säffle municipality located in Värmland, Sweden.

Who are you, Pamela?
Pamela Dahlin, I work as the HR Manager in Säffle municipality.

What is the best thing about working in Säffle?
– In Säffle municipality we actively work with good leadership and employeeship and in doing so create the conditions for all our employees to thrive and develop. We share our knowledge and competence which helps towards solving tasks. It is close to the decisions that are made, and everyone has a chance to have an influence through our good collaboration within the organization. Säffle municipality is a place for everyone where we can, we want and we dare!

What is the most fun thing about working with recruitment?
– The most fun thing is the process from there being a need, to there finally being a recruited candidate. To be with and support managers with their needs and requirements, to guide how to write an attractive advertisement and choose a publishing channel, to actually sit with the candidate during an interview and be a part of everything a new colleague has to offer. That we even work actively with events, digitalizing the development of the recruitment process makes the job of recruiting now even more rewarding and exciting.

Thank you for your time, Pamela!