Organisations require ISO certified SaaS suppliers

Organisations, agencies and local authorities often require an ISO certificated SaaS supplier in information security, quality and environmental management.

– This is a very important question and I am pleased that more organizations are setting these requirements, it is about quality assurance and we are proud that Varbi fulfills this, says Jonas Rosenström, Head of Public Sector at Varbi.

Varbi is certified in accordance with ISO 27001. The certification has requirements for information security management systems, which are the basis for conducting systematic information security work. ISO 27001 is an international standard that is based on confidentiality, integrity and availability. The certificate certifies that Varbi has a working method that reduces the information security risks within the business.

Jenny Bergendahl, Project Manager for the ISO certification, explains further:

– Information security is a hot topic and we are proud to have such a contemporary certification. For us, awareness in the organization is one of the most important aspects of the way we work. It’s about letting the entire organization be involved in finding risks that can arise in our various processes, and working systematically to mitigate them.

During Varbis two first certifications in Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001) Varbi implemented the basis for the management system. Later, this was extended to Information Security Management (ISO 27001).