Key points from our webinar on Faculty Recruitment

On the 14th of January, we held a webinar on Varbi’s functionality on how to work with workflows for different positions and expert evaluations. We have summarized the highlights.

Customize different recruitment processes

At a university, you have many different positions among your employees, academic and non-academic. These different positions can require very different steps in the recruitment process. Therefore, it is important to be able to customize these different recruitment processes in your ATS to make sure that every step that you need is included. Every step of the process can contain functions for messages, decisions, comments, uploading of files and much more.

An ATS should not be a bottleneck that cannot handle every step in the process. It should offer you the opportunity to include as many of the steps in your hiring process as possible in one single system. Of course, not all hiring procedures require many steps and therefore workflows should be able to be customized for different types of positions. An administrative staff hiring process is usually not handled by a large search committee, such as a professor hiring process might require.

Experts and hiring committees can leave their evaluation directly in the ATS

It takes time to send the large amount of documents that the experts need to evaluate for each candidate. With Varbi, you can give the experts permission to upload their evaluation directly in the ATS. You will get automatic notifications when tasks are performed and evaluations are sent in.

Include experts in certain workflows:

  • Easily invite experts with deadline and instructions
  • Experts login, read instructions and evaluate
  • Get notified when experts upload their evaluations 
  • Easy-to-use for experts and hiring manager/recruiter
  • No emails or other systems to handle evaluations
  • Secure (GDPR): see applications in the system
  • Great overview of process with automatic notifications
  • Time-saving
  • Decrease costs

Everything in one system helps your documentation

When you use your ATS for every step in the recruitment, you have the documentation in one single place. This makes it easy and smooth when you have to get statistics and traceability of log decisions and activities. 

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