Why should every employer have a career page?

When you recruit new stars to your team or your workplace, you are most likely searching for the one that shines most brightly, the one you think is best suited for the vacancy. But have you considered that candidates are probably doing the same thing? In addition to looking for the ultimate job, they are

Why advertise on social media?

There are many advantages to advertising your vacancies on social media. Did you know that 4 in 5 employees can imagine changing jobs when the right job shows up? These are largely passive job seekers, i.e. they are not actively looking for a new job. You can more easily reach these people by advertising on

Varbi commences collaboration with Grade AB and Workbuster

Varbi is now starting a close collaboration with Grade AB and Workbuster, backed by Viking Venture. The goal is to give our customers the market’s best range of leading cloud services in HR. – Varbi’s strong position as a leading recruitment system for the public sector and larger organizations gives us a good foundation for

Key points from our webinar on Faculty Recruitment

On the 14th of January, we held a webinar on Varbi’s functionality on how to work with workflows for different positions and expert evaluations. We have summarized the highlights. Customize different recruitment processes At a university, you have many different positions among your employees, academic and non-academic. These different positions can require very different steps

The five most common recruitment process workflows that universities can save time on by working with Varbi

The hiring processes for academic positions in higher education and research can be time-consuming and require more decision-making, more documentation and demand more people involved than in standard recruitment. On top of handling the recruitment process itself, the administrative workload connected to recruiting is also an area universities and colleges need to absorb. Spending more