One solution for staff and faculty recruitment

Faculty Recruitment is unlike any other type of recruitment. With the need to include search committees or expert reviewers and the need to receive material from applications such as publications and reference letters, a simple recruitment tool simply does not support faculty recruitment.

Varbi Recruit is one single system to handle both your staff hiring and faculty hiring activities used by world-leading universities such as Lund University, Karolinska Institute and KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Varbi Recruit helps you keep track and work more efficiently so you have more time to do what you do best – finding the right employee.

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    Digitalize your recruitment processes

    • Position-based workflows
    • Digitalize expert opinions
    • Permission-based access
    • Customizable application forms
    • Integrations with academic job boards
    • Facilitate collaboration with colleagues
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Module for receiving applications from students

    Universities using Varbi Faculty Recruit:

    Stockholm School of Economics regarding becoming a leader in Europe in Faculty Recruitment

    Since 2018, Stockholm School of Economics have been working with Varbi to receive their applications digitally, unlike the manual process they had before.

    “It works very well, it’s nice to have everything gathered in one place. We went from a very manual process with a lot of mailing and paper handling. It took a lot of time for us at HR to keep track of various documents, such as expert opinions. Now everything is in the system and we can spend time on other things that are of greater value for the organization. It’s very nice to have digitized the recruitment process. “

    KTH: “We are proud of how we work with transparency and digitization in our recruitment processes”

    “KTH appoints experts from different parts of the world who assist with their expertise in, for example, recruiting associate professors and professors. It adds a lot to our process. In this context, Varbi facilitates as it is easy for us to give experts access to data for assessment. Experts appointed by KTH also participate in KTH’s recruitment committees and meet candidates at the interview, which is where we differ from many other Swedish higher education institutions”

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      * Everyone who wants to be able to look within the recruiting system requires their own licence

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        * Everyone who wants to be able to look within the recruiting system requires their own licence

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