Varbi och GDPR

On the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force and replaces the old Personal Data Act (PUL). All EU and EEA citizens will then have a common data act that aims to strengthen individuals' control of their digital identity.

Varbi welcomes the new data protection regulation and has made a wide range of adaptations in the past year to live up to GDPR.

The adaptations are mainly about the use of the rights the individual has. All personal data sent through Varbi have a legal basis through a consent agreement between individual and company. Varbi has also been working to ensure well-functioning system support for the automatic removal of personal data and the ability to be forgotten (revocation of prior consent). The goal is that both customers and applicants will feel confident that Varbi adheres to the new legislation and that this is done in a modern and user-friendly tool.

Please read more about the new data protection regulation here.

General Data Protection Regulation