Do you work with vacation or summer jobs and handle hundreds of applications?

  • Input of internships

  • Web-based application for students

  • Advertising on Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn

  • Communicate easily via text/email

  • Allotment/matching of vacancies and reserved vacancies

  • Students themselves respond yes/no to the offered vacancy

  • Handling with support according to GDPR

Make it easy for you and let Varbi Internship handle your applications, your allotments and your communication with the applicants. Managers put up internships in the system that your candidates can search for. When you want to allot the candidates' places, click on a button and this will happen automatically with regard to the candidates' priorities. Should a candidate say no, it will be filled with the next reserve. Communication with the candidates takes place directly through the system. Managing your internships has never been easier!

We use Varbi Internship

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