Varbi Recruit recruitment tool makes work life easier for over 38,000 recruiters


Recruitment-friendly for HR and managers

  • Advertise

  • Receive applications

  • Filter and sort

  • Comment and score

  • Test and rank

  • Communicate

  • Fast support

  • Adaptable

With Varbi Recruit recruitment tool, you take control of the entire recruitment process. Employers of all sizes and industries use Varbi Recruit to advertise, receive applications, filter, sort, perform tests, rank applications and to communicate with candidates and colleagues.

Varbi Recruit helps you keep track and work so you have more time to do what you do best - finding the right employee.

The recruitment system that is best in test

The test winning* recruitment system

*Independent testing by KTH, Karolinska Institute, Lund University and Uppsala University

Save time and energy

  • Project templates

    Simplify and quality-assure your advert creation. Create custom advert templates available for you, your unit or the entire organization.

  • E-mail templates

    Create message templates in multiple languages that you can use in both automatic and manual communication.

  • Automatic messages

    Send automatic thank-you and confirmation letters. Ensure that the candidate feels safe in your communication, no matter how it goes for the candidate's application process.

  • Comment about candidates

    Comment on applications, candidates and cases. Facilitate collaboration with colleagues with common commentary features, shared scoring systems and reports.

  • Publish

    Easily publish in different channels on your homepage and on your intranet via a job-listing plugin. Of course, we also offer advertising on social media.

  • Publish to Printed Media

    Through an integration with Timecut, you can easily publish your job adverts in print media.

Career page

In addition to delivering Sweden's best recruitment system, Varbi offers career opportunities. Employer Branding is the topic everyone in HR talks about - how do we get the best candidates to want to work with us? We create a tailor-made career site for you where you can strengthen your brand as an employer by presenting all the benefits of working with you in a simple, professional and appealing manner.

Manage candidates

  • Permissions

    You easily share permissions to recruiters and recruitment managers. Simply restrict the permissions to the department or to individual adverts.

  • Communication

    Send personal messages to large numbers of candidates with just a few clicks. Send automatic welcome messages and easily manage your templates in multiple languages.

  • Qualification and selection questions

    Let the candidates answer your questions directly in the application. With mass recruitment, it facilitates the screening process.

  • Interview bookings

    Easily book interviews for individual time-slots or send out multiple time-slots to multiple candidates and let the candidates themselves select the best time.

  • Reports

    Easily extract reports of candidates for a better overview.

  • Expertise-based recruitment

    Recruit smarter with skills-based recruitment from Malin Lindelöw.

  • Comment and score

    You easily comment on and score candidates. Get average points for you and your colleagues.

  • Anonymous selection

    Hide the names and images of candidates to make an impartial assessment based on the submitted application.



Varbi Recruit is a Cloud-based recruitment system. Thanks to this, there are no additional costs for hardware or IT skills. The system is completely responsive, which means that your candidates can quickly and easily apply from computer, tablet or mobile.

Advertise in social media

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  • Order with a simple click in the system

  • Unique adverts and images

  • Target audience analysis

  • Feedback with statistics

  • Facebook

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  • Instagram

  • Cost management

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What does the recruitment tool cost?

* Everyone who wants to be able to look or work within the recruiting system requires their own licence.


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